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Dear Apple.

Dear Apple.

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The BEST Smartphones of 2021!
OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW

OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW

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A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.
What you didn't know about Xiaomi.
  1. Lucas Wear

    Lucas WearPrieš 36 minučių

    Don't buy the freedom phone get something like calyx instead

  2. ZeroSlash

    ZeroSlashPrieš 36 minučių

    Say that to Linux on a phone

  3. Jens Villadsen Vangsgaard

    Jens Villadsen VangsgaardPrieš 36 minučių

    Great video! You should definitely make one of these each year.

  4. Zakariya Razi

    Zakariya RaziPrieš 37 minučių

    So the bottom line is another company is trying to provide the service already Apple is giving by using another name. Google cannot become Apple, so someone else is trying... good luck!

  5. Ragheb Orfali

    Ragheb OrfaliPrieš 37 minučių

    This phone is what freedom phone should've been

  6. Dzox

    DzoxPrieš 37 minučių

    So Apple has never had a nightmare tech fail?

  7. 203 269 shawhan Faraz

    203 269 shawhan FarazPrieš 37 minučių

    Hoping its doesn't get banned

  8. Kommireddy Pavan

    Kommireddy PavanPrieš 37 minučių

    It won't succeed

  9. AvantsOfficial

    AvantsOfficialPrieš 37 minučių

    1:23 Perfect catch 😃

  10. Last Land

    Last LandPrieš 37 minučių

    Fells like what a criminal would use

  11. NRK

    NRKPrieš 38 minučių

    I was hoping "a sub to this channel would be energising"😄😄

  12. Music Gods

    Music GodsPrieš 38 minučių

    Last month he was at about 6 million subs and now he is at 7

  13. Jacob Colombo

    Jacob ColomboPrieš 38 minučių

    Patriapp is a play on the word “Patriot”.. not patriarch you doughnut! I have never even heard of this phone and I know that

  14. A man from Mars🇲🇭.

    A man from Mars🇲🇭.Prieš 38 minučių

    If it wasn't for microG.. I would had to see ads in youtube

  15. just an anon

    just an anonPrieš 38 minučių

    When he showed the 360, I about shut the video. And I'm a PS person. However, it was not the 360, I am no longer angry

  16. Harshit

    HarshitPrieš 38 minučių

    That guy who comes in between the vids should be named as ''mr hand' Edit: or mand

  17. Anmol

    AnmolPrieš 39 minučių

    This is the same shit as syberia or lineage OS etc lmao

  18. Ritwik Gossain

    Ritwik GossainPrieš 39 minučių


  19. Top 10 Dennis

    Top 10 DennisPrieš 39 minučių

    Absolute Legend

  20. gw_and_gbfan120

    gw_and_gbfan120Prieš 39 minučių

    I found someone saying that there is a message that crashes an iPhone, here بٍٍٍٍََُُُِّّّْرٍٍٍٍََُُِِّّّْآٍٍٍَُّ🇮🇹 بٍٍٍٍََُُُِّّّْرٍٍٍٍََُُِِّّّْآٍٍٍَُّ🇮🇹

  21. Oscar Maldonado

    Oscar MaldonadoPrieš 39 minučių

    Considering Xiaomi uses so many preloaded apps to show you ads everywhere, I don't think they'd like to use calyx os on their phones

  22. daraobong isonguyo

    daraobong isonguyoPrieš 40 minučių

    5:37 took me out 💀

  23. Rahul Mandal

    Rahul MandalPrieš 40 minučių

    Whats ur thought on graphene os?

  24. TrashCan

    TrashCanPrieš 41 minutę

    If you want privacy that much,just get an iPhone

  25. Nithin Sai

    Nithin SaiPrieš 41 minutę

    Ok, developers assemble! We need to help Calyx.

  26. Father Frog

    Father FrogPrieš 41 minutę

    Loving how frequently the vids are coming out man, thanks!

  27. FO61

    FO61Prieš 41 minutę

    Anyone else think “Freedom phone” but real

  28. Hanetaaa

    HanetaaaPrieš 41 minutę

    4:25 so nobody is going to talk about the pou music? Lmao

  29. Usama Tariq

    Usama TariqPrieš 41 minutę

    If Huawei Merges with Calyx Institute. Damn I am switching to Huawei.

  30. Mohamed Gaiz

    Mohamed GaizPrieš 41 minutę


  31. KahSing82

    KahSing82Prieš 41 minutę

    Who r u trying to slap? Lol

  32. Shafin Islam

    Shafin IslamPrieš 42 minutes

    sauce catching was ketchup'ius.

  33. MaciekTV

    MaciekTVPrieš 43 minutes

    Great video I really appreciate finding out about Calyx.

  34. Triss Healy

    Triss HealyPrieš 43 minutes

    I'm half way through and I'm just wondering if that's a $100 ZTE model based on appearance.

  35. Babumoshai

    BabumoshaiPrieš 43 minutes

    Yeah, and in 2045 declassified CIA papers reveal Calyx was a NSA program to spy on the people who didn’t want to be spied upon.

  36. Pheonix 369

    Pheonix 369Prieš 43 minutes

    Can u pls do a review for harmony OS 2.0 pls

  37. Juan Pablo Garzón

    Juan Pablo GarzónPrieš 43 minutes


  38. Avirup Kundu

    Avirup KunduPrieš 44 minutes

    I have an old Redmi 2 phone. LineageOS has official versions for that phone till date. I use the microG lineageOS releases, along with Aurora Store, NewPipe for LTwork, ProtonMail for email and VPN and Signal for IM. Works flawlessly! If I have enough spare money to run a pivate NextCloud server I will do that and sync my contacts calendar everything!

  39. Shihab Mohammed

    Shihab MohammedPrieš 44 minutes

    It's also Android mahn but it's without Google Services, Google Release the Raw Android/Android GSI(Generic System Image)(without any Google Products and Services) publicly, many "genius" people like him make profit out of it by naming the Raw/GSI and selling them in a different way/make profit out of them anyway

  40. Debashish Chakravarty

    Debashish ChakravartyPrieš 44 minutes

    Oh. I saw this video by you and mkbhd , and bought airpods 2 Just because why settle Get it ?

  41. Βασίλης Ξυλογιαννόπουλος

    Βασίλης ΞυλογιαννόπουλοςPrieš 44 minutes

    This os could save Huawei

  42. Abhaas Ghosh

    Abhaas GhoshPrieš 44 minutes

    200k subscriber? you're in 7M now 😂😂😂

  43. TheRussianLondoner

    TheRussianLondonerPrieš 44 minutes

    Awesome idea

  44. Soumajit Sarkar

    Soumajit SarkarPrieš 44 minutes

    Arun has advertised this OS to his 8 million subscribers


    THE CACTUSPrieš 44 minutes

    Trump : Buy it now buy it now

  46. Hyzer Frost

    Hyzer FrostPrieš 45 minučių

    I was basically SOLD on this. Fully. And then you mentioned "Chromium" which in my experience was only ever on my mom's computer because it was a virus that would down load itself when she was trying to find point and click games to play

  47. lithium darko

    lithium darkoPrieš 45 minučių

    I still have a year free on surfshark

  48. Litespark

    LitesparkPrieš 45 minučių

    If you want an actual privacy minded phone, check out Rob Braxman's degoogled phones.

  49. Ghosty

    GhostyPrieš 45 minučių

    So what I took from this is that I can use this phone as a burner phone in case I'm ever on the run from the cops. Here's hoping it's true, cause I might need it some day

  50. Edgars Groza

    Edgars GrozaPrieš 45 minučių

    still cant believe i spent 250 quid on that plastic junk a decade ago :/

  51. Allex2112

    Allex2112Prieš 46 minučių


  52. Vikram Jeisurya

    Vikram JeisuryaPrieš 46 minučių

    Micro G - seems like gapps in custom rom... Lots of features and customisation

  53. Manuel Caceros

    Manuel CacerosPrieš 46 minučių

    What is going on with the ilimunation?

  54. Victor Obini

    Victor ObiniPrieš 46 minučių

    I actually like the idea of tech being transparent with their data collection but sometimes I also wonder if they'd actually make any money if users were given the choice.

  55. yuan iOS

    yuan iOSPrieš 46 minučių

    my ears are bleeding listening to the mic quality please go back to what you used to use

  56. Jack W

    Jack WPrieš 46 minučių

    That ketchup catch was smoooth

  57. SPONCY

    SPONCYPrieš 47 minučių

    This is the OS we need. And also for those who care about their privacy. Now the problem is I think it cannot use in low end mobile. Which is a huge problem for me. And I really need a OS that works in low end mobile. If anyone knows any OS that works on low end mobile, please tell me. I will try

  58. antboyr

    antboyrPrieš 47 minučių

    yeah sure, you are afraid to give your data to google, give them to chinese... that's a valid point... not

  59. Samay Jain

    Samay JainPrieš 47 minučių

    Its kind of funny that they are paying you for sharing their own alternative 😂😂

  60. Chintan Puggalok

    Chintan PuggalokPrieš 47 minučių

    Irony is we are watching this on LTwork 😂

  61. Sando Philip

    Sando PhilipPrieš 48 minučių


  62. Arvind Ashok

    Arvind AshokPrieš 48 minučių

    Really appreciate the work and effort you put into this piece.

  63. Skywing

    SkywingPrieš 48 minučių

    9:23 that's what she said. cool

  64. NK R

    NK RPrieš 49 minučių

    So, this is basically any custom roms with micro G inbuilt. Huh...!! Anyway, excited to see it go mainstream.


    EMMANUEL WEMAPrieš 49 minučių

    Can't they try Huawei since they are basically onn Google's bad side

  66. EnriqueIglesiasBG

    EnriqueIglesiasBGPrieš 50 minučių


  67. SmartAss

    SmartAssPrieš 51 minutę

    Maybe Blackberry should implement Calyx

  68. EmperorNike

    EmperorNikePrieš 51 minutę

    goes to show how camera software is more important than hardware

  69. John Lee

    John LeePrieš 52 minutes

    8:28 (PS Vita) I bought a PSP on release, I had one of the first million edition US models, loved it I absolutely hated that I had to buy a proprietary memory card that was extremely overpriced When Sony announced and released a follow up model I was excited, and no joke, when I heard it used a new proprietary memory card I got flashbacks of my PSP and I legit wrote the system off entirely I don't think Sony realizes fully how stupid a proprietary memory card really was

  70. Rafael Valentino

    Rafael ValentinoPrieš 52 minutes

    Arun lives in “Arunning mode” he’s always in a rush, just got some little spare time to sitting in a chair and record a video …

  71. Soumajit Sarkar

    Soumajit SarkarPrieš 53 minutes

    Like the funny details going on background😂

  72. Closing Yak

    Closing YakPrieš 53 minutes

    I have a redmi not 8t the ads don't bother me

  73. Mihai Cavalu

    Mihai CavaluPrieš 53 minutes

    That's not the only OS for privacy. E/rom is better and for more phones models.

  74. NeekoPat

    NeekoPatPrieš 53 minutes

    0:27 I see that mirror blocks cube in the bottom left corner! I can solve it for you if you'd like ;)

  75. wonderwu

    wonderwuPrieš 53 minutes

    Is that the way all of you say "privacy" in the UK? That's annoying lol Edit: 9:31 you said it different there. wtf is goin' here

  76. Sree Vathsa

    Sree VathsaPrieš 54 minutes

    They're watching you watch this video.